Legality of Autonomous Weapons under International Humanitarian Law [Editor’s Choice]

Nitish R. Daniel from the NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad, in this editorially proclaimed piece, gives a balanced account of how Autonomous Weapon Systems (AWS) have attempted to redefine the fundamental tenets of International Humanitarian Law, while explaining the technicalities of the subject in staggering detail.

Posted by Nitish Daniel in Number I, Volume 4

Judicial approach to the concept of ‘Originality’

Palash Soni from the Alliance University, Bengaluru decodes the judicial approach to the concept of originality, the most important tenet to Intellectual Property Rights.

Posted by Palash Soni in Number I, Volume 4

The Concept of Third World

Anirudh Goel from the W.B. National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata gives a birds-eye perspective of the ‘Third World’.

Posted by Anirudh Goel in Number I, Volume 4

Critical Analysis of the Mathura Rape Case

Aviva Jogani from the Jindal Global Law School takes us through the various stages and facets of the landmark Mathura Rape Case.

Posted by Aviva Jogani in Number I, Volume 4