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Featured Articles

How Transnational Law Affects Indian Legal System In The Field of Admirality Law

Manoj Keshireddy | Kings College, London | #0204

“Procedure is but a handmaiden of justice and the cause of justice can never be allowed to be thwarted by any procedural technicalities”.


Undercutting of Fares in the Aviation Industry

Terence Sequeira & Tarun | #0202

In the aviation industry, the allegations of predatory pricing arise when a major airline, while operating from its hub airport, in response to the entry of a low – fare carrier, lowers its price aggressively and also adds capacity. Such targeted response of major airlines usually forces the exit of the low – cost airlines from the market.


NOTA Option- A Game Changer or mere Trumpery?

Ayushi Kalyan | #0203

When it comes to democratic societies, where voting is an affirmation of one’s freedom and equality, the freedom to abstain from making a choice is often missing. Citizens are given the freedom to vote for any candidate standing for elections, but few democracies give voters the explicit right to reject all the candidates, if they find no one suitable. In effect, citizens are given the freedom to choose but not to declare discontent with the candidature by way of voting.


Data In The Clouds, Regulation And Protection: Indian Scenario

Gauri Shrikhande | Army Institute of Law, Mohali | #0204

Book Review- Branded by Law

Priyanka Choudhary | #0203

Branded by Law is an engaging work on the concept of prejudice and stereotypes emerging out of the ‘law of the land’ itself. The book deals with the effects of the colonial law of 1871 Criminal Tribes Act, on the lives of the present day Denotified communities in the country. The book is an attempt to make one understand the impact that a prejudice, especially when imposed through the state’s legal machinery, can have both on the way society behaves towards, and the concerned community sees itself


The Concrete Jungle- Afforestation a Solution?

Purva Kohli | #0203

Forests help in maintaining the ecological balance. Besides the benefits from environmental and ecological perspective, forests bring revenue to the state. With a cover of 23% of Geographical area of the country, forest in India comprise of a number of diverse forest types and reserved areas designated as National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries. In India, forest meet the livelihood needs of people living in and adjoining the forests in about 1, 73,000 villages. Forests also act as carbon sinks and regulators of water regime. The conflict of values is to be reconciled and also form the basis of formulation of legal policies and devices for the management of forests. One of the device is afforestation.