Book Review- Branded by Law

Book Review- Branded by Law

Priyanka Choudhary
Department of Political Science, University of Delhi

Branded by Law is an engaging work on the concept of prejudice and stereotypes emerging out of the ‘law of the land’ itself. The book deals with the effects of the colonial law of 1871 Criminal Tribes Act, on the lives of the present day Denotified communities in the country. The book is an attempt to make one understand the impact that a prejudice, especially when imposed through the state’s legal machinery, can have both on the way society behaves towards, and the concerned community sees itself. The author takes us into a logical journey of understanding how such prejudices work, how do they trigger social relations between people and how, if at all, these prejudices can be overcome. The book does not only dwell into the historical or sociological aspect of the said DNT communities but also gives ample of evidences to prove the continued presence of the said prejudices in the post-colonial times.

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