Digital And Electronic Signatures- Keys To The Globalized World

Nagarjun K.B.
C.B.R. National College of Law, Karnataka

In the age of rapid growth and technological advancement, securing and maintaining confidentiality have become vital focal points. While globalization has led to digitization, this in turn has led to the advent of modern approaches through new forays of scientific research. Privacy and security concerns regarding access to sensitive or particular information has to be looked into specifically. Therefore, a very useful tool in so far as to digital communication is the digital and electronic signature. Digital and electronic signatures have been serving the purpose of an end-to-end encryption in communication of information and this has been squarely applied by consistent efforts to increase accountability. Verification of the contents and also the identity of the individual transmitting such information electronically has become its prominent feature. Legal ramifications are of major concern as this field indulges both into digital security and privacy, which are both novel and concomitant concepts. Hence knowledge and application of laws pertaining to this has become important. Every field has its own set of goals and challenges and hence a holistic approach is the need of the hour.

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Posted by Suvid Chaturvedi