Aayush Chandra
Bharati Vidyapeeth New Law College, Pune

As we know that the coin has two sides- positive and negative, similarly technologies also lay down certain pros and cons. After the Industrial Revolution, it opens a new era of development. People have started adapting to the advancing of technology. And such advancing arose the problem of e-waste. Both developed countries and the developing are suffering from the e-waste problem. Due to the advancement of technology, the lifespan of the product is also getting shorter, for example- The demand of Samsung mobile phone has been growing exponentially and we can see in every 6 months the company introduce a new and advanced model of electronic gadget in order to survive in the competition. E-waste is a major problem, as not only it affects the environment, but also affects the health of the human beings and the government as well as the international agency should come together under one roof and try to make a stricter policy. The purpose of the paper is to delineate the e-waste problems and provide an estimated amount of e-waste produced, consequences, measures and techniques used by the countries in order to control the e-waste.

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