Environmental Impact Assessment- An Analysis

Vaibhav Latiyan
Army Institute of Law, Mohali

With industrialization, people have started to slake their thirst for development at the cost of the environment. In developing countries like India, industrialization is at its peak and with that, certain environmental issues have arisen. This essay examines the process of Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) and its effects on the rich heritage of India. Covering the development of EIA, the emphasis has been laid on notifications issued by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change for the concoction of this concept in India. The changes introduced by the 1994 notification and its effects along with the impact of 2006 notification have been analyzed in this essay. When the procedure followed for EIA is discussed, at the same time they have been critically analyzed for various loopholes like undermining public consultation and transparency. To overcome and shorten the myriad destructive impacts of the development process on the ecosystem, the author has acknowledged the importance of local community and NGOs in his recommendations. Thus, the lacunae in EIA can be covered by progressive and constructive measures taken by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change after the realization of the importance of flora and fauna for our upcoming generations. And this can be accomplished by the officialdom by developing an adequate attitude and capability.

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