Euthanasia in India: Should Death be a Choice?

Anisha Dahiya
University School of Law and Legal Studies, IP University, Dwarka, Delhi

As has been rightly said by Marya Manners, ” Euthanasia is simply to be able to die with dignity at a moment when life is devoid of it”. Euthanasia is a term that has often sparked debates whether people are ‘for’ or ‘against’. It has become one of the most debated ethical issue of concern as can be inferred by considerable number of publications, media coverage and development of certain laws in some countries. It is a concept based on philosophy of empathy and solicitude. There would be a discussion on what euthanasia is, its types, its existence in some countries of the world, relevance and history in India, legal aspects of Euthanasia, case of Aruna Shaunbaug, and at the end its present scenario and suggestions for the same. The article would provide an understanding of the socio-political aspect of Euthanasia in India.

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Posted by Suvid Chaturvedi