Euthanasia- The Position in India

Euthanasia- The Position in India

Sai Shambhavi Singh
School of Law, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun

At the point when a man closures his life by his own demonstration it is called “suicide” however to end life of a man by others however on the solicitation of the expired, is called “willful extermination” or “benevolence executing”. This paper looks to examine what killing is and its conceivable application in three distinct events of a living individual since very birth. In antiquated social orders of the nations like Greece and India how the act of self-obliteration was a standard, what was the demeanor towards the destruction of life of various religions like Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Sikh. Despite the fact that the reason for suicide and killing is self-annihilation however there is clear distinction between the two. Willful extermination might be characterized in five classes furthermore there are different routes for its application. These separated the assessment of sociologists in regards to willful extermination, its lawful position in India in perspective of the Constitution of India, Indian Penal Code and different laws in vogue, so additionally the position of various nations of the world are all taken for dialog. Despite the fact that the Supreme Court has effectively given its choice on this point yet at the same time a few questions emerge in our point which we have to break down deliberately. In conclusion, contentions are advanced for and against authorizing willful extermination and this article has been closed with a clear remark for sanctioning detached killing in India.

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