First State Reorganisation Commission: Language As A Criterion For Formation Of States


The aim is to find out the significance of language while formation of new states. It includes a slight backdrop to the debate on reorganising states on the basis of linguistic criteria vis-à-vis other criterions as well and at the same time giving a little platform to the ‘language’ making it the most important of all. Further, the research project is to evaluate whether language is still considered as a criterion for new states as well.

The topic i.e. “First State Reorganisation Commission: Language as a criterion for formation of states” has been selected keeping in mind the linguistic diversity among the population of India, during the time of pre- independence to the contemporary times. The study throws a light on the importance of language and culture of the population and how can state efficiency be achieved if people of same linguistics are clubbed together. Further, the project is also important from the point of view that it explores other area for reorganisation, which are also discussed in the first state reorganisation commission report i.e. culture, efficiency, economic conditions, etc. and tries to probe to what extent can these facts be held useful apart from language as a sole criterion.  The topic covers study on language being the most important criteria while reorganising state and how does it contradict with other factors as well. It tries to cover all the important elements taken into account by Fazl Ali Commission or the first state reorganisation commission while forming of new states.

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Posted by Suvid Chaturvedi