Impact of TRIPS on Lesser Developed Countries: Playing a Better Game?

Kartik Arora
Symbiosis Law School, Pune

It has been recently declared, “TRIPS is the most ambitious international agreement on intellectual property rights. The main challenge for developing countries is to transform it from a rent transfer mechanism into an effective instrument for technological development.”- Carlos Primo Braga – World Bank

Even though the majority of the 135 members of the WTO are poor countries, they are being virtually held hostage. Third World countries are compelled to go along with the developed countries because most of these poor countries are dependent on bilateral trade relations with one or more developed countries. The author makes an attempt to discuss the aspect of negotiation in detail with reference to acceptance of TRIPS by the developing & less developed countries and discussed the aspect of bargain between the nations. Further the author makes an attempt to discuss the in detail the view raised by the less developed & developing countries on Doha Declaration, the ACAT draft and TRIPS plus. And lastly the author has made an attempt to recommendation on the enforcement of TRIPS Agreement taking into consideration the concerned views of less developed nations.

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Posted by Suvid Chaturvedi