Legal Dimensions with Reference to Forest Conservation in India

Legal Dimensions with Reference to Forest Conservation in India

Leepakshi Rajpal & Mayank Vats
Symbiosis Law School, Symbiosis University, Hyderabad

This paper primarily focuses on the Legal Dimensions with Reference to Forest Conservation in India. It commences with the meaning and concept of forest conservation. then it moves onto discussing the history of reverence of the forest resources and forests. It discusses how with the passage of time and with the coming up of industrialization and urbanisation, how the forests are put in a dilapidated condition for the accomplishment of self interests and motives. As it moves further, it introduces the concept of deforestation. Incessant to this, it discusses the causes and effects of the deforestation on the mankind. It also explains the constitutional mandate for the forest conservation. Moving on it expresses the views of the Indian Judiciary in different cases related to forest conservation. It shows how the Indian Judiciary focuses on the concept of forest conservation as the need of the hour. The Research Methodology has been completely analytical and descriptive throughout. The main aim of this research paper is to enlighten the Society about the need for conservation of forests and to bring in them a sense of introspection that what they are doing is right or wrong, when it comes to an environmental view. It also aims at bringing awareness among the students, teachers and professors, so that the youth of the country is more activated towards the issue. Internet, books and research articles from various journals have been used to write this article. We aim to convey the message to a larger public and wish it makes a difference in the general perception that Indian judiciary is inactive when it comes to Environmental Conservation. Last, but not the least this paper concludes with a certain set of recommendations and conclusions.

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