Mergers and Competition Law

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Siddharth Dhawan | Amity Law School, Delhi

With the evolution human kind, market had played a very important role. Due to the transformation and change in the society, structure of market had also changed. Nowadays with the increase in the market size, the competition in the market had also shown immense growth. Competition is healthy and beneficial for any market if practiced with bona fide intentions. Many competitors try to defeat the purpose of competition by indulging into mal practices like hoarding, black marketing, mergers etc. Mergers are generally made to remove the competition in the market and to promote the monopoly of sellers/traders. Through mergers, seller can control the price and supply of goods and services. To overcome such practices, Competition Act of 2002 came into force with various rules and regulation governing the Mergers and Combinations. This paper emphasizes on determining the true nature of combinations and mergers. The main object is to draw a relation between the Market and effect of mergers in it. It also highlights the credibility and efficiency of laws enacted under the Competition Act to curb the detrimental mergers.

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