Barsha Mitra
Symbiosis Law School, Pune

In the modern warfare, where any country has strong military base and well-equipped police force to combat terrorism and militant activities, but the presence of intelligence agencies is felt outright as they play significant role which cannot be performed by army or police. Ever since human existence, gathering information by means of espionage has been a key element to the survival of nations. India has already many intelligence agencies like Intelligence Bureau, which is the oldest among all the agencies, Narcotics Control Bureau, Director of Revenue Intelligence etc., on the national level and Research and Analysis Wing on international level. A major change in the functioning of intelligence agencies have been made due to the advancement of technology and modern methods used by anti-social activists. Intelligence officers are often termed as the unseen heroes because they take up those cases which cannot be taken up by any other wings of the government and mostly discharge their duties undercover. But 26/11 Mumbai Attacks proved to be the major intelligence failure of India. This attack established that India needs better intelligence to safeguard the country from terrorist massacre which led to the creation of National Investigation Agency.

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