Need for International Consumer Protection Framework and Policy- Legal Concerns

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The national markets constantly developing due to the economic globalization has placed the consumers in such a diverse position about the decisions that they have to take to full fill their needs. The consumers have to face many problems while acting in the global environment. The main issue is of protecting their rights in the international market. Though by globalization the consumers have got a huge opportunity in terms of choices it has raised concerns over the issue of consumer protection. Addressing these challenges include the identification of the limitations and advantages of the current technology also knowing the balance between the governmental intervention and self-regulations by the corporates. The issues related to the national consumers are dealt with the national laws formulated by the government. There is vagueness about the law that governs the international market. In the current circumstances each country has different law related to consumer protection. In some countries even there is absence of consumer protection laws. The law of the different countries refutes each other at many situations. Even United Nations has raised the need for framing an international framework on consumer protection by proclaiming certain guidelines. The research is about the implications of such an international framework and also its relation with the Indian law. The author through this paper would like to highlight the main provisions of the Indian law that will create certain obstacles while creating such a framework. The research paper would also identify the provisions in the Indian consumer protection act in relation to the international market. The author through this research shows that though with all these diversities in laws of the countries we can achieve the idea of Consumer Protection law to govern the international market uniformly with the combined effort of the world countries.

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