Welcome to the Refreshingly New World Journal on Juristic Polity

Welcome to the Refreshingly New World Journal on Juristic Polity

Hey there!

Since its inception, the World Journal on Juristic Polity has been known for its fierce stance against stagnation. We have always tried to do something new. We have always tried to evolve. Being at the helm of the affairs of an International Journal of this repute requires us to understand our responsibilities towards the fraternity, and the Society at large.

A couple of years ago, the World Journal on Juristic Polity was established as a Journal for excellence in Legal and Political Research. With this iteration of the Journal, and its complete revamp, we aim to grow bigger than what we established the Journal for. We wish to see the change our Contributors have vouched for.

Keeping these things in mind, the following fundamental changes have been brought about in the Functioning of the Journal. Read on-

  1. We strive to be an Online Heavy enterprise that has real time updation and lesser processing times as it core functions. That does not mean that JURIP is not a Print Publication anymore. However, the focus has clearly shifted to the Online Niche.
  2. In that sense, we are proud to announce that JURIP is now using the Patented Real Time Updation & Publication Technique. We aim to get a research published within 7 days of the accent from its Contributor.

Starting tomorrow, all Research that is published by JURIP will be published here, at this very page, as a free to access post. Hence, the Publication of the Journal will now not be limited only to the day the Print Copy is Published, like the erstwhile practice. Some Research that seems to be pathbreaking to our peers will also be published as Featured Research on our homepage.

This endeavor has increased our efforts manifold. However, we are committed to the path we have chosen, and are sure that your support and suggestions will be the keys to our unmatched excellence in the profession of Legal Journalism.

With this, the editors declare JURIP 2.0, born. (If we are at the liberty to say so, that is. :P)

Keep Exceeding. Cheers!

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