Protection and Conservation of Marine Environment and Biodiversity in India

Protection and Conservation of Marine Environment and Biodiversity in India

Subhashree Mukherjee
Assistant Professor, JRSET College of Law
Bashudeb Guha
Advocate, Calcutta High Court

The quantity and assortment of plants, animals and other living beings that subsist in different eco systems is known as biological diversity. The fertility of biodiversity rests on the climatic considerations and soil quality. It is sine qua non for ensuring the endurance of human species because it provides diverse resource to humanity. The marine environment has a very high biodiversity and contributes to many significant processes that have straight and circuitous impressions on both marine and terrestrial environments. However, due to several factors like oil spills, dumping and sea bed mining the marine biodiversity is getting affected. Therefore, there is a need to analyse the relationship between marine biodiversity and related factors. Standing at this point, the international community took baronial measures to protect and conserve marine biodiversity by arranging many international conferences, conventions and treaties. In this connection the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, 1982 is a vital one. The parliament of India also made a good follow up of the proposals and rules prescribed by the international community for the protection, preservation and conservation of marine biodiversity. Though many issues have been addressed amicably, a lot more is awaiting to be achieved.

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