Pursuit of Hegemony by China: Analysis of South China Sea Dispute

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Rishabh Vohra & Bhumika Chadha
Amity Law School, Delhi (GGSIPU)

The South China Sea dispute is a dispute concerning territorial sovereignty having serious implications on international trade and exploration of resources present in the region between six nations namely, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, The Philippines and Taiwan. The overlapping of claims and interests of these six disputing claimant countries has aggravated the issue and no solution has been brokered so far. The dispute has brought out a lot of international issues involving sovereignty over the disputed territory requiring clarification on maritime zones and entitlement of various countries over the resourceful area. This paper attempts on expounding the origins of the dispute to the contentions of every country sustaining their claims. It also aims at tackling the larger issue of non -compliance with the universally accepted principles of international law due to lack of sanctions. The profound research exhibits every aspect of Philippines vs. China which is the only case that has tried to decipher the issue at the international domain and how the decision has affected the established laws. Moreover, in addition to widening the scope, it also looks into the involvement of USA and their purpose behind it. Keeping in mind all these factors, we need to examine the inception, evolution, implementation and interpretation of the South China Sea dispute.

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