The Ridge Forest: An Analytical Case Study

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Ayesha Bhattacharya
West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata

The Delhi Ridge has been the subject of numerous campaigns, propagated by non-profit organizations and citizens’ unions due to the encroachments upon the regions which have been classified as reserved forest area under the provisions of the Indian Forest Act, 1927. This paper seeks to explore the judicial decisions of the court, evolved through Public Interest Litigations which have been filed by the concerned parties, and the impact on corporations which fuel construction activities in this region as well as the Ridge itself. Through the course of this paper, the author will attempt to elaborate upon the historical significance of the Ridge, as well as the impact upon the labourers who work in the Bhatti mines and their subsequent relocation by the Delhi government. A thorough analysis has been made of the movements propounded to save the Ridge and the author has further dwelled upon the inefficiency of the Indian judicial system in its failed attempts to preserve this natural sanctuary. Lastly, this paper focuses upon the need for improvement in legislative orders so as to benefit future projects and curb inept court practices.

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