A Socio-Politico-Legal Critique of the Jan Lokpal Bill with Special Emphasis on Contrast with Lokpal Act

Tamil Nadu National Law School, Tiruchirapalli

The concept of ombudsman is halfway leaning to anarchy and in some other ways egalitarianism and its practical counterpart-accountability. It basically involves a public body with quasi-judicial powers, as well as powers of uninhibited investigation. The sole aim of ombudsperson organization is to root out and penalize corruption. Once these charges are proved, the cases are ideally transmitted to regular courts. One huge advantage of these institutions is the solitary focus and consequential speed of justice.

This paper shall deal with these various differences in a descriptive manner by comparing and reviewing legislated and proffered provisions, and then move onto prescriptive issues of deduced opinions, based on scholarly treatises, judicial precedents and expert opinions such as opposing social activists on the issue.

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