Trafficking and Sexual Violence on Women- A Tactic during Armed Conflicts

Trafficking and Sexual Violence on Women- A Tactic during Armed Conflicts

Fowmina C.
VIT School of Law, Chennai

In view to analyze the relation between trafficking and armed conflicts, the paper recognizes between current armed conflicts and post-conflict situations although their limitations are often deformed. Trafficking of women during and after armed conflict is a gender-based human rights violation and criminal activity. One of the major factors is economic contribution that makes women more vulnerable, the current and post – conflicts economies are built in these kinds of crime against humanity and these kinds of criminal activities exempts the suspects form gender-based violence. For understanding the links between trafficking in women and sexual violence in armed conflicts a gendered analysis of conflict and post-conflict rebuilding is useful. Armed conflicts and Militarism produce a worse desire of masculinity, in particular the image of the strong, fearless, powerful soldier with the mission to conquer foreign territories. Feminism on the other hand is a by-product of weak and fearful. These ideas are often internalized by armed groups and they offer an identity for male soldiers. The sexual violence against women or exploitation of women in armed conflicts or post – conflicts basically has a place with the production of such a manly soldierly character.

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