Uniform Civil Code for India- A need of the Hour

Uniform Civil Code for India- A need of the Hour

Subhadeep Sarkar
School of Law, Christ University, Bengaluru

In a nation of a million traditions, culture and communities like India, personal law have sprung up as one of the key elements of contention among the general population. The requirement for a Uniform Civil code in India has been examined and contended a few times despite everything it stays a standout amongst the most contentious issues commented in our Constitution. A Uniform Civil Code indicates the possibility of same arrangement of common principles or civil rules for the citizens independent of their religion are they Hindus, Muslims or Christians. The common regions secured by a civil code incorporate individual status, rights identified with procurement and administration of property and marriage, adoption and dissolution. In India personal laws a re the primary driver of public clash among individuals. It is additionally personally associated with the issue of gender equity. The present paper depicts personal laws in India, the issues of uniform common code and gender equity from a human rights perspective.

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