Water Pollution by Industries- Causes & Consequences

Water Pollution by Industries- Causes & Consequences

Dr. S. Manjula
The Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University, Chennai

Industrial civilization has led to the tremendous growth of industries including the hazardous ones. Water is one of the most important industrial materials required in the manufacturing process, and so, many industries are established around the water bodies. The use and discharge of hazardous substances have contaminated air, water, and soil, rendering the environment more and more unfit for healthy living within and outside the industrial establishment. These industries pollute the water resources by discharging toxic effluents causing health hazards to living beings. According to Dome Barbara Ward, the former President of the International Institute for Environment and Development, London observed that water is everywhere the key to human comfort, health and even survival. Hence, this paper is an attempt to highlight the growing industrial water pollution in spite of laws and enforcement machineries.

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